-Wedding License-

Where to apply
If you both live in the state of New Jersey, apply at the municipal office in the bride’s town. If the bride is from out-of-state, apply in the groom’s town.  If both the bride & groom are from out of state (nonresidents), then apply in the town where you plan to marry.

When to apply
The registrar will need at least 72 hours to process your marriage application. The fee is $28, payable in cash or money order at the time of application; some towns may accept personal checks.

The registrar may ask to see your identification if there is any question about your eligibility for marriage. To be safe, call the office beforehand to find out what documentation is required in the town in which you are applying for a marriage license.

Proof of Divorce

Obtaining a certified copy of the wedding license
You’ll receive a copy of the wedding license on the day of the wedding after I and two witnesses have signed it. It is merely for your records. The license is filed within five days of the ceremony and sent to the registrar in the town where the ceremony took place.

If a certified copy is required for proof of marriage, change of name for driver’s license, registration, Social Security or insurance forms, it may be obtained from the Registrar of Vital Statistics at the municipality where the wedding ceremony was performed.

You can either go to the office of the registrar in that municipality or submit your request in writing, with valid ID such as a photo driver’s license or photo non-driver’s license with current address or valid driver’s license without photo and an alternate form of ID with current address. Each municipality has different requirements for alternate forms of ID so you should call the office of the registrar to find out what is acceptable. You’ll need a check or money order for $10 per certified copy. Again, call to find out the address and who to send your payment to along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


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