A selection of music to be played as guests arrives for ceremony, and take their seats.


Selected music for the entrance of the Bridal Party.   

Officiant enters followed by Aaron escorted by his mother then, Best Man and first Groomsmen will enter.  Aaron stands to the left of Officiant flanked by Best Man and groomsmen.

Each bridesmaid will be escorted by a groomsman

 First Bridesmaid will enter and will stand to the right of Officiant.

 Next two Groomsmen will enter and will stand to the left.

 Second Bridesmaid will enter.

No junior groomsmen or junior bridesmaids, no ring bearer

Flower girl will enter and stand with the bridesmaids

Change of music for the entrance of Jamie and her parents

Parents stand next to the bride and groom.

All Rise. Who presents Jamie to be married to Aaron?

Father and Mother: "We do!"

Father kisses Bride

Aaron steps forward and escorts Jamie to the front.

They face each other in front of the officiant.

Bridesmaid takes the bouquet from Jamie


Opening Words:
 Welcome to the marriage ceremony of Jamie and Aaron. They come before you this day to pledge their love and their hearts to one another. They wish to be companions, friends and partners for life. Together may they meet the cares and problems of life more bravely. As the years pass, let their love deepen and mature. May their home truly be a place of love and harmony where children may flourish and where happiness is ever present. 
Today, Jamie and Aaron have chosen to recognize their love in front of you, their closest family and friends. In this beautiful setting, they ask you to join them in celebrating this great moment, to embrace the love they share and to participate in this celebration.

People of many different religions gather here today, sharing much of a common religious heritage, and sharing totally in the common humanity we often forget we have –not to be further divided, but to be drawn even closer to one another, as we celebrate the joining together of the lives of Jamie and Aaron. Their marriage is beyond all that it means to them of the human love of man and woman for one another. The love that they share for one another is pure. They wish to embrace all of each other including the differences they have. Each is one half of the other and as they join in marriage before us, they now become whole. 


As Jamie and Aaron drink from this common cup, we are reminded that in all of our relationships, we draw strength and nourishment from one another.

As together you now drink from this cup, so may you, in perfect union and devotion to each other, draw peace, comfort and happiness from the cup of life. And thereby may you find life’s joys doubly gladdening, its bitterness sweetened, and all things hallowed by true companionship and love.

(While the wine is being drunk) As you share the wine from this cup, you affirm your commitment to share all of life’s experiences together.

Before we proceed, I’d like to congratulate both your parents. On behalf of Jamie and Aaron, and on behalf of all those here, I thank you for the part you played in raising two people who are both full of love, kindness and understanding. I ask you, Jamie’s parents to take this man, Aaron, as your son. I ask your family to take him into your hearts as a son and that Michael receive him as your brother for he is dear and beloved to Jamie, and shall be so to all your family.

And of you, Aaron’s mother, I ask the same. I ask that you take this woman, Jamie, into your hearts, that she might live from this day forward as your daughter and that Michael receive her as your sister for she is dear and beloved to Aaron and shall be so to all your family.

May the beauty of this marriage extend throughout both your families.

EXCHANGE OF VOWS and RINGS            

The wedding ring is the outward and visible symbol of the inward and spiritual bond, which joins two hearts in love. It is a circle, which has no end, and so is the symbol of eternity. A circle is the symbol of the sun, the earth, the universe, wholeness and peace. May your life together come even closer to such perfection and be an ever-growing unity of love and spirit and purpose.


These rings are made of precious metal to represent the precious nature of your relationship. Being unbroken circles, each represents unending love. As often as you look upon these rings, may you be reminded of this moment and the love you have promised.

Jamie and Aaron, please join hands for the exchange of your wedding vows.

Aaron, please repeat after me: I Aaron join my life to yours, as your husband, lover and best friend. I promise to take you as my only love from this day forward, to stand by your side, listen when you speak, comfort you when you cry, to join your laughter with my own, to warm your body and soul, through good times and bad, for as long as we both shall live. Whatever we may encounter, let us encounter it together. Today, I give you my love, with an open and trusting heart.
(Officant hands ring to Aaron who places the ring on Jamie’s finger)
Jamie, please repeat after me: I Jamie, join my life to yours, as your wife, lover and best friend. I promise to take you as my only love from this day forward, to stand by your side, listen when you speak, comfort you when you cry, to join your laughter with my own, to warm your body and soul, through good times and bad, for as long as we both shall live. Whatever we may encounter, let us encounter it together. Today, I give you my love, with an open and trusting heart.
(Officant hands ring to Jamie who places the ring on Aaron’s finger)

This seems an appropriate place to pause and share with you some of the things that Jamie and Aaron have shared with me about themselves. 

I’m told that when Jamie first met Aaron it was love at first sight. After their first date, she walked home with her feet two feet off the ground. She picked up the phone and called her parents right away. “Mom, Dad,” she said excitedly, “I just met this terrific guy. He’s smart. He’s outgoing. He’s fun. He’s good looking.” She went on and on about Aaron. After a while her father interrupted her. “That’s nice, dear,” he said, “But is he Jewish?” “No,” replied Jamie, But his name sounds Jewish and that’s good enough for me!”

When her parents found out that Aaron renovated his apartment himself – including the plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting and installing a dishwasher – that’s when they knew he wasn’t Jewish!
When Aaron proposed he decided to do it in Sheep Meadow in Central Park with its beautiful view of Central Park West. But when he got there he found – much to his dismay – that it was being reseeded and was surrounded by a fence. Being ever-resourceful, he hopped the fence and asked Jamie to join him. At first, she looked at him like he was crazy but, trusting him, she hopped the fence, too. Then Aaron proposed. Jamie first said “yes.” Then she grabbed the ring and immediately reached into her back pocket and whipped out her secret wedding file – the one she had been working on since age six . Everything was planned in a month’s time. I understand that Aaron’s head is still spinning.



This unique relationship that Aaron and Jamie share is being made formal, and legal today with their marriage. Marriage brings together two people in a unique relationship.  In their togetherness, they may share many experiences as if they were one person.  But, each retains his or her own identity.  The miracle of love is that it allows us to overcome our sense of isolation, yet permits us our uniqueness as individuals.

Now I’d like to invite Jamie’s and Aaron’s mothers, Karen and Cecilia to light the two side candles, flanking the unity candle.

(As the candles are being lit)
Jamie and Aaron, as your mothers light the candles, I ask you to pledge yourselves to a lifetime of caring for one another.  May your togetherness bring you joy and comfort and may your uniqueness continue to challenge you to live your lives with courage and creativity.

Will you now please take the two candles and combine your lights and light the center candle to symbolize the strength and beauty you bring to each other as husband and wife.

(As the candle is being lit)
May the candle that you light signify the creation of your union to each other, but may the individual candles continue to burn representing your individuality.

Breaking a glass is an ageless symbol that has many interpretations. The traditional meaning has to do with the custom being a reminder of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago. The custom has also come to symbolize the shattering of the old and the beginning of the new. Since this is an interfaith marriage which brings together two people of different religious backgrounds, let us, with this symbol, become especially mindful of the barriers that people erect between another, and try to think, with the breaking of the glass, of breaking down some of those barriers and helping create a world of love, unity, and peace.

Aaron, I want you, as hard as you can, to stomp on the glass when I tell you. The more pieces the better, for each piece symbolizes years of happiness. May you break the glass into so many pieces that it will take a lifetime to put them back together and grant you and Jamie a lifetime of happiness and joy.

(Prompt Aaron to stomp on glass)

Jamie and Aaron, by virtue of the authority vested in me under the laws of the State of New Jersey, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may now kiss your bride!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present Jamie and Aaron as husband and wife.




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